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Hi  !     And welcome  to  Florrie Felts  . Are you passionate about  wool...     I am  !  

 You have stepped into a place where wool is king . As a feltmaker , spinner and dyer I have worked with wool, 

now in Wester Ross, Scotland, for over 40 years.

My felt products,created for you , your family and your home include rugs , Florries'  & 'Shepherd's Stars' ,Feltscapes , scarves  &   funky jewellery . They all help reap the benefits of    real wool   for you  and help us all  

in treading more lightly  on the land.

My  ! how the  past  3 months have vanished .   Spring  is definitely here. Cuckoo , violets, celandines & carpets of primroses. The longer warmer days and the dawn chorus all calling me outside. 

                                                      May Day and Beltane Blessings

But what of the  felting shed   ?

 The year ahead  offers the chance to spend more time outside, where my heart sings as well as  more space to my  creative  self. 

This will  still include creating Florries & Shepherds Stars but not on the scale  I have been operating  in recent years. The reality is  .....

  My  capacity to  produce felt on the scale of recent years  has fallen   dramatically .

I am now only   supplying 2 outlets. Both working crofts with small sales  studios/ sheds on their  premises , focusing largely on  textiles &  very local makers.    In order to to help   mutually support these dedicated crofters I am   for the next wee while taking all my stock   'off line '   .   

A strange strategy you may say  for a website .!   But there will be  new products  to  see    in about a months time.

Scarves.....  Florries......  and even some  art work if we are lucky.

                                                                                                                                             Enjoy  exploring your new freedoms.   


If you  want more info on   current availability  of my work and where it is   please  get in touch . 

     More stock coming very soon. 

For More info on  the full range  & sources of fibre etc pop over to Fibre Facts  . At your leisure, find out more about me  from  My Journey in Felt  . AND join me  in that journey  by signing up to my  quarterly  Newsletter.

                                                                                                Sheila Bates            Creator at Florrie Felts   

ALL  Items are priced inclusive of delivery   within the UK   For Standard  parcel delivery.  Please note that in our current  circumstances, our nearest Post Office is a 20 mile round trip. We do not travel there  more than once   a week. 


   Full refunds available  on returns  in 30 days . 

For international  deliveries   :    in current  circumstances  of the  lockdown for Covid 19  , these  will take alot longer . Please contact me  to discuss  options.   You may  wish to pay for items via another portal  , BACS , debit card etc          please contact me .                                                           Thank  you                                      Sheila  .

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Blaven Waterfall


Size  @ 40  x 30cm   unframed.  

 Wet felted wool & silk with  mix of acid and  plant dyes. 

This piece is  slightly abstract . Blaven is a mountain on Isle of Skye.   


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