Hello ~   just a little about me  ....

I have   lived & worked  in the Highlands & Islands of Scotland  most of my life  & still love the  wide open spaces  of Moorland, Sea, Sky and the Hills with  ALL the colours  they hold !  

I grew up with an appreciation of textiles , within a family of gifted  knitters, a technique I enjoy but  being  completely useless at tension , my garments  generally fit the proverbial elephant ! 

Felt  is  also a    fabric I grew up with , in the Middle East , in my very early years , beautifully embroidered rugs ,  ( Felt takes very kindly to being embroidered ! ) hats and so on . 

So  my journey with felt  began at a very young age  .... my love  affair with wool  began quite a bit later when I was given my Grandmother's spinning wheel .This  bond evolved  like a good yarn, chunky & full of character.   Along with  opportunities to work with sheep, learn techniques from  very gifted  individuals ,some steeped in  our Highland traditions , I  also discovered the alchemy of  plant dyes and eventually  learning the art of feltmaking in the mid 90s......the passion for fibre  endures , and seems to encompass my whole life ! 




The Information below  introduces you to  this range of  rugs & throws, ethically sourced & endlessly useful  .... Toe warmers, back comforters,  sleep enducers, draft excluders. Try them  on your office chair, the floor , in front of the fire,  in the car , in the bed ,on the  bed or  your baby's cot,  even  your yoga mat ! And beware your pets  might hanker after one too !     

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Handfelted pure sheep's fleece rugs bring  you the many great benefits of  wool in a very natural way.

Fully machine washable on a wool cycle , Florries are ideal for all ages  & countless purposes . Soft  , cosy & durable. Hypoallergenic,  Breathable, Fire retardant,

Therapeutic for  us and the sheep !

 Totally sustainable Living Wool  !

Fleeces are sourced from local producers of the Scottish Highlands. 

Florries are created  from  a number of different  breeds of sheep, most of them  native to our British Isles. This offers  you a variety of characteristics to choose from. Super hardy. Sumptuous. Wholesome . Fabulous . And they all come  in  their  own natural colours. No harsh chemicals  , just  good honest wool and I try  to  retain as much of the  individual  characteristics of  each fleece as I can , to give you a  truly unique  product.    They come in  variety of sizes .To help you choose the right  one , you  will find brief  descriptions below. 

Cherish the Curls  

In celebration of  curls ..... crimp ... magnificence.

Currently available  from  4  Breeds . 

Lincoln Longwool - a premium fleece. Magnificently curly , very strong, long & lustrous curls . White with sometimes  a soft  amber hue.

Blackface Mule -  White. Softer & shorter locks with generally tighter  crimp than the Longwool . 

Shetland  -  Variety of colours . Exceptionally soft, fine crimp with mixed staple  length.  The  shorter stapled ones can be ideal for babies.

Blue Face Leicester  - Very crimpy, very fine , Darker colours.

Ebony Glow   ~ 

In celebration of rich  dark  chocolatey  colours.

Currently available  from 3 Breeds .

Hebridean - Soft bouncy wool, sometimes with golden sunbleached tips over almost black wool. Occasionally  wirier and greyer.

Shetland  -  Mixed darker shades,  fine & crimpy & always soft. 

Jacob cross bred -  soft & hard wearing  rich dark chocolatey colours. 

Gneiss  & Light ~

In celebration of our rugged landscape 

Currently available from 3 breeds

Blackface ~ Longer & straighter fibres , remarkably soft , yet durable. Hardy ! Glows with light , in white with  occasional  hints of grey.

Hebridean ~Fleece clipped from older sheep, who like us, lose pigment colouration in their wool. Hence they become grey & silvery  . They also  tend to be  a little courser , making them even more hard wearing than their younger  relations ! 

Lleyn   ~  robust  & shorter fibres  with much less crimp than the Blackface  but still snuggly  and soft.  Mostly white .  Ideal for  babies  due to  the short staple length of the fibres .

Ginger & Spice ~

In celebration  of warmth, & exotic comfort

Currently available  from 2 Breeds 

Jacob ~ The Jacob sheep with it's distinctive piebald colouring & handsome horns is the predominant breed  here.  Their fleece offers a  fabulous mix of golden, spice colours,with splashes of white . Soft crimp & longer fibres. Always popular & very practical.

Shetland  ~ The Shetland sheep come in many different colours, some of which are  incredibly  warm  &  subtle (and have  fabulous names too! )  Crimpy and very soft.        


Shake out regularly.    It can  also  stand  a gentle vacuum  now and then . 

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS :   your rug is  machine washable on a wool wash up to  30 0 C   Please place it in an old duvet cover , loosely tied  ( to help protect your machine from  stray  fibres ).  

Once dry (  outside will be quicker )  , tease out  the tips of the locks if desired   to bring back  the  full fluffy   luxury  of the wool.                Please do not tumble dry  !